Let's Talk FOOT LOVE

Let's Talk FOOT LOVE

Foot Love...FOOT LOVE...Ladies, I mean, we can do this.  Those long, luscious toes are yours and yours alone. Honor them and they will take you where you want to go with a stride that says YOUTHFUL...no matter your age!

2018 is the Year of the Foot...You miss the memo? No matter...if you join my group on Face Book, I will be sending you tips about the best companies with the purest, least expensive product to pamper and take care of those feet. Intrigued? 

I'll talk about brands that will serve you, where they are made, why they are fabulous! 

Of course, there will be free treats and great deals. Share with your friends. There are enough shoes, sandals and boots for everyone!

Here is your first tip!

1. Bulk Apothecary.com great prices-organic essential oils-

sandalwood-geranium-frankincense  Start there...you will never regret it

2. Coconut Oil...I get mine at the Co-op. You may have a great contact-so clean that you can use it for everything from cooking to face moisturizer

....rub your favorite essential oil into a dime's worth of coconut oil and moisturize those toes before you put on your socks



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