Water Proof Boats and The Meaning of Life

Water Proof Boats and The Meaning of Life

Oh My Stars and Garters....Let me count the ways I love a good pair of red , water proof rain and snow boots!

No matter where we live, the rain days come and find us. We forget from season to season that the weather will change and you will get wet, at some point, no matter what the weather man says. I live in rural Maine so have seen some frighteningly utilitarian water proof boots that, said simply, can not be...for me. A good boot is a story, a legend of journey and fame, love lost and won. A good winter rain boot must be sexy...and easy to get in and out of...so you can make an entrance. Ergo...I suggest the Gabriela by Fly London. She reminds me of Clark Gable and Loretta Young in "Call of the Wild." There is a lace up affair in the front that never needs to be touched....because....there is a side zipper, in and of itself, so appealing on many levels. You slide down into this fleece lined sweetheart and slide that zipper right up. You are secure, protected from the cold and damp. You can walk with authority and these days, what girl is not looking for that!  Walk on, m'dear, you have a boot that will see you through winter in a flock of colors. I prefer the red but you decide. The size is Euro so if you are a 9, you  are a 40. I think you will be pleased and can live out your own

"Call of the Wild."


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