Euro Traveling in Orbit

Euro Traveling  in Orbit

What shoes work for extended travel in early summer the old days...when you packed the night before after the going away party, held your passport in your teeth the next morning, while you zipped your bagS....yes, bagS. Those days are gone forever.

The goal is one bag that can go in the overhead and the second bag for under the seat. Take the time to pack and re-pack...pack and cut everything you are taking in half. You will never need it. Layer UP!

Don't forget a jacket that is necklace-one pair of earrings-not rings with stones-You want to look as neutral as possible so that you are moving on the outside edge of any airport-unnoticed. 

SO...the question is shoes that will go with a shirt-leggings-jeans...leave room for three pairs...

1. Black Trainers for light hiking

2. Great pair of Walkable Loafers

I prefer the Orbit...trending-feminine-uber comfort-go anywhere but Oriane is is a great lace up as is the classic Joanne. All of these loafer/sneaker-ath-leisure shoes look Euro and walk like a dream. They are leather-clean easily-and will see you through the day and into the evening.

If you are traveling for a month-get two pairs in two different colors...leave your flip flops at home. You will be walking on cobblestones!

Early spring is deceptive. Its chilly. Wear the right shoes and pack light. You will thank your sweet self all through the trip!







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